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Way way back in 2003 when this site was born, we invited people to get in touch and share their thoughts about Vladek Sheybal.  It was then in the form of a Guestbook, but the set ups for them nowadays are not suitable for this site. so instead, if you email your thoughts to us at this site by clicking here I will  receive your email and publish your submission on this page.


 Let me know in your email whether or not you would like your contact details shown.


        Vladek as Zacardi in

         The New Avengers.




Mairi Craw


I didn't think I knew who Vladek was until I visited your excellent website and recognised him at once.  A fine actor with a haunting face.


Julian Britstone


A truly wonderful actor and artist from the same home town as my grandparents in Poland. His death has left a void in those areas in which he excelled. 


Kevin Hearth


How wonderful to find this website; I have been searching for more detailed information on Vladek Sheybal. Many thanks.


Richard Smith


I am delighted to have found this site. I remember Mr Vledek Sheybal in many TV series. I always enjoyed his character portrayals. 




Excellent Site for a great actor.  I allways remembered in UFO series



Antonio d'Onofrio


I have fond memories of Vladek at his home in Fulham and with his work at the Roundhouse.




I am delighted to find this site. I remember watching UFO and being captivated by Mr Sheybal - his great charisma, his mesmeric eyes, his beautiful voice. I also remember him in Women In Love, as the movies most interesting lover. Now it seems there was so much more to him than I had guessed. I have yet to read his memoirs, but shall do so soon.

Thankyou very much for making this site.

Best wishes,




Thank you very much for creating this informative site to honor a great actor that my husband and I have admired since early childhood. The time and effort that was taken to research the material for the site is evident and appreciated!


Sharon Hendy


I was watching Stuart Wilson in Zorro the other evening and was reminded of the television version of Desmond Bagley's Running Blind in which he co-starred with Vladek.

Vladek was familiar to all of us who are now in their 40's. A consumate and versatile actor, we should be grateful that he chose to spend so much of his career in the English-speaking sector.

He was always a joy to watch, and even more so, a joy to listen to!




I'm a BIG fan of Vladek Sheybal, from Germany. I loved him as bad Bond villain Kronsteen.


Graham Rye


Taken from my history of The James Bond International Fan Club & Archive, and published recently in OO7 MAGAZINE: "....and 'From Russia With Love' Bond villain Vladek Sheybal, who, before cutting our special 30th anniversary cake, gave a memorable impromptu recollection of his time at Pinewood over the years, and the ‘ghosts’ from the past who once occupied the very chairs in which we were seated for lunch. It was a truly poignant moment as he gestured to where he remembered a veritable who’s who of international stars had sat and chatted over lunch, such as Sir Laurence Olivier, Gregory Peck, Diana Dors, Alan Ladd, Tyrone Power, Dirk Bogarde, Kenneth More, Stewart Granger, Peter Finch, Jack Hawkins, Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Richard Harris, Sean Connery, Robert Shaw, Orson Welles, and Marilyn Monroe. Sadly it was to be Vladek’s last public appearance, as only three weeks later he died suddenly at home, he was 69. I attended his funeral service at the Brompton Oratory on October 27th, where the lesson was read movingly by fellow Polish actor, Rula Lenska. I had only spent a few hours with Vladek toward the end of his life, but this short meeting afforded me the truly memorable experience of visiting a magnificent building to honour the memory of this multi-talented and remarkable man. He had given his time freely for my event and thrown himself into it with much gusto. I felt it my duty to reciprocate. I still believe I got the better side of the bargain. Thank you Vladek."


Daryl Fenton


I always remember watching tv during the late 60s early 70s and vladek sheybals name always seemed to be in the credits,he had a very haunting prescence about him i thought he was brilliant thanks for keeping his memory alive....




Thank you for this web site and publishing the memoirs. I've learned so much from reading them. While I was touched by everything that Mr Sheybal wrote it was the experiences he suffered through as a young man that reached me most. Having grown up after the wars I never knew what it was like for the people who had to suffer through them and I learned a great lesson, thank you.


Roland Gesthuizen


Last night I tucked up with my kids to watch an episode of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson 1970's UFO TV series before turning in for the evening.  Back in 1974 when I was in primary school, I would sometimes watch it at a friends pace over a plate of bangers and mash. Stuck deep in my memory was a mysterious and enigmatic psychologist called Dr Doug Jackson. He had a thin build, penetrating eyes and voice.

I later found out he was played by Vladek Sheybal, a gifted actor and playwright. This morning I have enjoyed reading about his work and life on this website. Thank you for taking the trouble to share this history with us all.


Kat Overman


Dear friends
It's been quite a while since my last visit, was the memoirs always here? or was i just too thrilled to find this site to notice? either way i've just finished chapter four. it's taken me some time because insted of devouring the information i've been letting his voice give it to me, that wonderful slow hypnotic voice. to hear that voice recount his own fear, loss,and pain. my hands are shaking and my mouth is dry. i force myself to swallow and press the heels of my hands into my burning eyes. then he flashes back to his red lamp and the kitchen, but the fear lingers in him and the quaking continues in me. i wanted soo bad to print it. i waited so very long for this site,and i'm afraid someone will lose interest and it will vanish. plus his narrative is so intimate i want to be comfortable with it, wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. not hunched over my keyboard. but i repect the memory of the man too much to break the rules. thank you.



Thank you for your kind comments, the memoirs are a new addition (having taken over a year to edit). Just to set your mind at rest; this site will be going for as long as I do - I won't 'lose interest'so there should be no reason for you to worry about it 'vanishing.'




I met Vladek at a "UFO" fan convention in the 70's, he was utterly charming, and I shall treasure that moment always.


Alan McMenemy


Back in 72 i was 7 years old and my father took myself and my brother John to see PUPPET ON A CHAIN.The 2 things that i vividly remember from the movie were Barbara Parkins yellow trouser suit swinging from the rafters and of course Vladek as the nasty Meegeren....i honestly cant imagine any other actor playing this role..stunning!


Alan McMenemy


Loved puppet on a chain.


Tony West


I knew Vladek during 1974, at the time I was employed by Ram Gopal OBE who was a good friend of Vladek, we were at house house in Farm Lane Fulham almost every day having lunch, he used to like to blend cocktails of vegetables in the blender, I took him to have his teeth fixed, he complained of his teeth constantly, a woman sculptor did a bronze bust of him, I took him to the foundry where it was to be cast (whatever happened to it?)Whatever Vladek was I saw him as a very gentle man, not timid but a very gentle soul. The last I heard from him was a letter from him in the eighties. I also remember his friend Andre the artist. Goodbye Vladek old friend.




Excellent and humorous site to a remarkable man. I really learned something here.


Tom Petrone


So nice to find a site devoted to keeping Mr. Sheybal's memory alive. He was a marvelous actor, and was one of my favorite purveyors of screen villainy. I wish you much success with this site!


Philip Ferrato


Congratulations on putting this together. VS played two of my favorite characters- Loetz and Otto Leipzig. And of course there's always Mr. Boogalow.


Tom Butler


I most recently saw Vladek Sheybal in "Smiley's People". As always, I enjoyed his performance immensely. I watched "The Jigsaw Man" not long ago, another fine portrayal by Vladek. So far, I have not seen "The Apple" or any of his great works, but I have seen him in "From Russia With Love", "Casino Royale", "Women In Love" etc. I will try to see more of his films in future. Great website too!


Kat Overman




Guy Kemp


Hi Vladek: One of my favorite movies of all time is "OB VII" I recently got it on DVD, and I am again reminded of your excellent acting as Egon Sobotnik (Gustav Tokler. Bravo!).


Rob Raynham


To a splendid and very underrated actor and artist.





Great site! I was so glad to find so much information about Vladek. It's not so easy(from Germany) You did a great job! What do you think of an image gallery? Would be great, Greetings from Germany, Nina.


Veronika Jordan (nee Urbanowski)


Vladek Shaybal was one of my mother's favourite actors of all time. (She was actually Romanian but my father was Polish.) My son is studying Theatre at Reading and they have just performed the first ever English translation of the Polish Play - The Morality of Mrs Dulska.  There has been a lot of interest and they have been invited to perform at the Polish Theatre in London beginning of Feb. 

Polish Theatre is alive and well in England! Well done for keeping the memory of one of our own going.


Andrew Visnevski (Andrzej Wisniewski)


He was a dear friend and a faithful supporter of the work of The Cherub Company. I shall be publishing a review/appeal to Press he wrote on our behalf in 1989 in our forthcoming Newsletter. How can I send it to you? Also, is it possible to buy one of his paintings that I saw when I used to visit him at his home?

EDITORS NOTE; The letter which Mr Visnevski refers to here can be found on our Theatre page. or you can click here to go to the page.


Lynn MacCarty


I finally obtained a VHS copy of The Apple! It is out of print and impossible to find. I was really surprised to see his name listed so low on the credits list on the box. He literally made the movie. Its also strange to me that so many reviewers rate this movie so low. As campy as it is, my whole family loves it. We first saw it on HBO around 1980 and made a tape of it, which has deteriorated a lot from watching it so many times. We were thrilled to see it for sale on "". Anyway, I am going to start looking for other movies he was in because he really seemed like a great talent. Sorry to hear of his passing.



Andy Lovie


 Hi all, 

It's great to see a dedicated (and professionally produced) website devoted to the talented actor Vladek Sheybal.  As more of his work becomes available on DVD, surely it will become better known, and thus better enjoyed,





A truly wonderful site! Beautiful, neat and clear layout, easy to navigate plus lots of detailed filmographic/stage information. As I'm Polish I of course have known about Vladek Scheybal. He is famous within Polish audiences mainly because he had a succesfull career in England and, sort of, represented Poland and Polish actors in there. These days, most often we can see him on TV in "From Russia With Love" and "The Saint" episode. From time to time some of his later TV work is also shown, especially on cable channels.

All the Best,


Mark Seymour


Stumbled upon your site whilst checking the spelling of his name. Thank you for doing so much work to recognize the unfortunately  little-known career of a great character actor. While my favorite of his roles will always be in "The Wind and the Lion", I invariably point him out to everyone within earshot when I spot him in anything else.


Stefan Sans-Korczynski


Beautiful. Many interesting facts about a great man and actor. I am very pleased to find a tribute to my relative Vladek.  My grandmother and Vladek were cousins.




Nice to see a site dedicated to one of the greatest actors of his time. It is incredible to see just how many films and TV shows he was in - my favourite TV character of his was the caring Dr Jackson in UFO [and Zarcardi in The New Avengers] but he was just a joy to watch, he was a compelling presence on screen and he was just so brilliant in everything he appeared in.




A very good account of the actor's life and work. Well done.




Just a thank you for the lovely and informative site. My earliest recollection of seeing Vladek was as the villain in an episode of the New Avengers and as a child loved spotting him in all those wonderful sixties shows. I am strangely reminded of him by the current Russian Leader Putin !.  Very interesting.



T. Mizo


I'm lived in japan,it's good site!  Thanks a lot!!




Fantastic site, great to see a definitive listing of all Vladek's work, shame that Vladek is no longer with us to see this site honoring him. Keep up with the great work. 


The Lost


I watched "The lost secret" at my school. It was really good.  I like it very much.




This is a wonderful website. I am sure Mr.Sheybal would be proud to have his life, and work honored in this way











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