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The Eyes and The Voice

The Memoirs of Vladek Sheybal.



Please read the Copyright Assertions below in full before proceeding to the memoirs.



Copyright Details:
Copyright © 1991-2019 and for life plus 70 years Executors of the Estate of Vladek Sheybal


These memoirs are subject to the conditions that they shall not by way of trade or otherwise be copied, lent, sold, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the express prior written consent of the
Executors of the Estate of Vladek Sheybal.

To the best of the Executors' knowledge, this is the only place, and in the works of the Polish author Artur Patek, where the memoirs have been published; therefore any copies found circulating for sale or otherwise, electronically or 
otherwise will be subject to full weight of copyright law.

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Photographs are also subject to Copyright Restrictions as held by their respective owners




Editors note:

Vladek Sheybal began compiling memoirs for his biography in 1991 - after much cajoling and prompting from friends, and had collected pieces he had written from many years ago. As you know Vladek was taken from us in October 1992 and therefore the biography was never completed nor subsequently published. Therefore with the very kind permission of the Executors of the Estate of Vladek Sheybal, those memoirs which Vladek had gathered together before he passed away are reproduced here, mainly as he wrote them, in his own charming and inimitable style.

Parts of the memoirs have been sympathetically edited to allow them to be read more easily, but it must be emphasised that they retain the endearing quality of Vladek's writing style. Also, Vladek refers to certain friends and acquaintances being alive in 1991/92 - these people may have since passed away due to the passage of time, we have not amended these facts as to do so would change the fabric of the
memoirs.  Any appendices will be so annotated in this typeface where necessary throughout the memoirs, and will be preceded by the words 'Editors Note.'


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