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With grateful thanks to Jan Jakub (Kuba) who has very kindly supplied slides of Vladek's paintings and artwork from the 1970's.  

Please be aware that this selection of work is copyright to the late artist and must not be reproduced in any form. 

To the best of this author's knowledge, this is the only place where these slides have been published; therefore any other copies found circulating for sale or otherwise, electronically or otherwise will be subject to full weight of copyright law.




  The Artist: Vladek Sheybal at his home in Fulham, London 1970's.



The Paintings:











The following two paintings were inspired by visits to Italy.





The sketch [below] shows the exterior of Vladek's house in Fulham, London. 

As far as I am aware, the sketch was never turned into a painting.







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These photographs are from the private collection of Jan Jakub [Kuba] who has kindly supplied them for use on this site as mentioned above.  Please repsect this and do not steal them. 


















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