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Vladek as Egon Sobotnik

QBVII [1974]






The Ring of Truth
(Ch: Mr Prizborksi)

Play of the Week Production for Television

Z Cars
(Ch: Yador)

Ep: Daylight Robbery
The Birth of a Private Man (Ch: Jurek Stypulkowski)

Camino Real
(Ch: Gutman)

Play of the Week Production for Televison
Danger Man (Ch: Tewfik)
Ep: Fish on the Hook
R3 (Ch: Jan Wolkowski)

Ep: A Whole Lot of Reasons
The Human Jungle (Ch: William Jones)
Ep: Wild Goose Chase
The Other Man (Ch: Doctor Klaus, a nazi doctor)
Political TV Drama

(Ch: George Lidz)

A "Front Page Story" Production for Television
The Man in Room 17 (Ch: Max Opals)
Ep: Tell the Truth
Mogul (Ch: Lenz)
Ep: The Schloss Belt

The Man in Room 17
(Ch: Yasha Saroya)

Ep: How to Rob a Bank - And Get Away with It
The Baron (Ch: Reiner)
Ep: And Suddenly You're Dead
The Big Spender (Ch: Lamarck)

A six part TV drama serial for the BBC
Ep: Featured in All. 
The Saint (Ch: Nikita Roskin)

Ep: The Helpful Pirate

The Champions
(Ch: M
ax Kellor)

Ep: The Dark Island

Dance of the Seven Veils
(Ch: Joseph Goebbels)

An Omnibus Production for Television (BBC)
Callan (Ch: Dicer)

Ep: Little Bits and Pieces of Love
Strange Report (Ch: Kulik)
Ep: Report 7931 Sniper, When is your Cousin Not?

A Distant Thunder
(Ch Hans: Weider)

A Play for Today Production for Televison
The Fall of Venice (Ch: Casanova and Himself)
An Omnibus Production for Television (BBC)
UFO (Ch: Dr Doug Jackson)

Eps: Exposed/The Cat with Ten Lives/ Kill Straker/The Psychobombs
Review Programme

Reads poem by Iles for BBC TV [>]

Pilatus und Andere
(Ch: Kajfasz/Caiphas)

Directed by Andrzej Wajda for West German TV
Was shown on Polish TV and released in Polish Cinemas in 1975
UFO (Ch: Dr Doug Jackson)

Eps: The Man who came Back/Timelash/Reflections in the Water/Ordeal/
       Court Martial/The Long Sleep

The Protectors
(Ch: Sandor Karoleon)

Ep: Brother Hood
The Main Chance (Ch: Otto Zobel)
Ep: First you eat, Later we ruin you [◙]
UK TV Series

The Deep Blue Sea
(Ch: Doctor)

Play of the Month Production for Television
Dial M for Murder (Ch: Yerimenko)
Ep: The Man in the Middle
Napoleon and Love (Ch: Prince Josef Poniatowski)
Mini Series developed for Television
No Honestly (Ch: Giovanniani)
Ep: Only Make Believe
QB VII (Ch: Egon Sobotnik)

Mini Series developed for Televison

Rogues' Rock
(Ch: Ivanov)

Drama Series developed for Southern Television [¥]

The New Avengers
(Ch: Zarcardi)

Ep: Cat amongst the Pigeons



The Kitchen (Ch: Mr Marango)
Play of the Month Production for Television
Night of the Marionettes (Ch: Hubert)
Part of the BBC's Supernatural Drama Series
Won the prestigious Hamilton Deane Award [awarded by The Dracula Society  
and presented by Christopher Lee] for his performance as the sinister inn-keeper Hubert ±  Vladek was then made an honorary member of the society.


Ghost Sonata
(Ch: Bengsston)

Drama Series developed for Television
Quest of Eagles (Ch: Polish Priest)
Mini Series developed for Television
Running Blind (Ch: Kennikin)

Made for TV Drama in 3 parts
Eps: Sixteen Rivers To Cross (ep 2) & The Deception Operation (ep 3)

(Ch: Captain Ferriera)

Mini Series developed for Televison

Smiley's People
(Ch: Otto Leipzig)

Mini Series developed for Television (BBC)

Let's Parlez Franglais
(Ch: The Client)

Video for the Band: Propaganda (Ch: Dr Mabuse)
Plays in the video for the band's album A Secret Wish (Vladek says this was filmed at 'A Haunted Castle in Kent')

Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy
(Ch: Mohammed Ali Jinnah)

Mini Series developed for Television
The Lost Secret (Lost Secret 2000) (Ch: Professor Basil Sline)
Educational Drama for English Tutorial purposes
The End (Ch: Voice Over)

18 minute film noir for UK
Switch on to English

Makes a guest appearance on this BBC TV quiz show [>]
Champagne Charlie
(Ch: Le Comte Plasky)

Mini Series developed for Televison (Canada and France)
Freitag for RFN

(Ch: The Frenchman)

Australian Drama Series (appeared in 3 episodes)
The Bill (Ch: Mr Lederman)
UK Drama Series for Television




 Vignettes  [Television]

In the 1967 Dr Who epsiode "Tomb of the Cybermen" the role of Klieg was to have been played by Vladek Sheybal - no further details are available at the moment.

Vladek appeared in/directed the following programmes. [◙] However, the dates provided are from the Midlands TV Area only and  cannot be verified as being the original air dates, so they are housed  here until such time as they can be verified when they will be moved to the appropriate page on the website.  

{A} signifies Acting Role
{D} signifies Directing Role

Play Of The Week {A}  
(ITV: 19/12/1961) Ep: "The Visitors"
The Sentimental Agent {A}

(ITV: 02/11/1963) Ep: "Meet My Son Henry"
Court Martial {A}

(ITV: 29/04/1966) Ep: "Silence Is The Enemy"
Theatre 625 {A}

(BBC2: 06/11/1966) Ep: "Amerika"
The Main Chance {A} 
(ITV: 28/09/1970) Ep: "First you eat, Later we ruin you"
Television Playhouse {D} & adapted for television by Vladek

'Jeanette' by Jean Anouilh
(ITV: 23/11/1961)









Dr Jackson










 The Man in

Room 17.




Egon Sobotnik



 Smiley's People

Otto Leipzig



The Champions

Max Kellor





The Saint
Nikita Roskin





Strange Report





No Honestly





Napoleon and













Captain Ferriera





The New




                                                               Lord Mountbatten:  The Last Viceroy

                                                                                       Mohammed Ali Jinnah

                                                                                Photo: Stefan Sas-Korczynski



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